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20 Things to Do the First Few Days After a Loved One Dies

The period immediately following the loss of loved one is one of the most difficult challenges life puts in our paths.

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Reasons To Use This Checklist

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Reason 1

The period immediately following the loss of a loved one can be quite overwhelming, especially if there is nothing in writing, such as wishes, distribution, and a list of assets.

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Reason 2

Some of the things on the list have a deadline, so make sure you work on them sooner rather than later!

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Reason 3

Concern yourself with the personal aspects of grieving and healing, and know that you aren’t alone when it comes to the complicated and often confusing task of sorting out his or her estate — far from it!


Quick snippet:

□ Do not allow family/friends to start removing items from your loved one’s property until ....

□ Arrange for someone to pick up the mail until you can request the mail be forwarded.

□ Remove any perishable items from the ...

□ Try to locate important documents. Important Documents include:

  •  Last Will & Testament and/or Trust(s)
  •  Social Security card, Driver’s License, and/or other ID cards
  •  Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree (as applicable)
  •  Insurance Policies (health, home, auto, etc.)...


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